Hello hello! This is me, Hanna Woolley the creator of Nanna Woo Handmade.

Nanna Woo is an ever-evolving jewellery and homewares brand using bio-based resin. A plethora of materials, textures, colours and effects is a feature of Nanna Woo. Sustainable materials such as bio-resin and recycled sterling silver are used throughout Nanna Woo. Choosing earth friendly practises including reusing all of our mixing and pouring tools is a key element to the label. NWH is a Tasmanian business, made up of Hanna Woolley (now living in the Huon Valley after 12 years in Bicheno, Tasmania), who started the label in 2011. 

In 2020, Nanna Woo will be exploring new materials and will bringing a whole new skill-set to the range. Deep textures, earthy colours, natural elements will all be a feature while exploring clay, fibre and metals. 


All one of a kind pieces are made from the beginning and finished in its entirety by Hanna in southern Tasmania.