After much consideration, I have decided to phase out resin. This has been on my mind for some time and when it comes down to the nitty gritty of it, I need to put my health and environmental impacts first. I have been experimenting with pottery for the last 3 years or so in the hope to transition to a more sustainable practice. There will continue to be resin jewellery and the odd homewares uploaded online until it's all sold. Don't fret though, I still have lots to share with you!! I will keep you informed of how much is left via social media...

I hope you will hang about for the next stage of Nanna Woo...

Who is Nanna Woo?

Nanna Woo is a Tasmanian label by Hanna Woolley. From humble beginnings around 10 years ago, the label has flourished and grown into a brand known for the bursts and variety of colour. Nanna Woo brings you a vast range of bio-resin jewellery and homewares. You'll find rings in all shapes and sizes, earrings for the minimalists and the statement wearers, bangles to adorn your wrists and a collection of homewares for all your jewellery or plants to be housed! 

Metanical Jewellery

Metallic + Botanical = Metanical

This range is so special. It features real dried botanical inclusions with metallic foil. Often the flowers have been sourced from my surrounds in Tasmania. 

Each piece is one of a kind and completely unique, just like you.

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Metanical Bangles

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