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my ocean obsession

For those who follow me on Facebook or Instagram  you would have noticed my recent creations are predominately blue and aqua influenced… I just can’t help but be inspired by the sea at the moment! With the change of season though, I get to fall back into my comfort zone of earthy rich mustard, indigo, green and red. My favourite time of the year is autumn.  Especially in Tasmania!


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Feeling Fortunate

As far as 2013 goes, I feel so lucky to have had a fantastic year! So many people are supporting independent makers… Here are a few highlights from 2013 for you… From my first Finders Keepers Market in Brisbane to accessorising Jets Swimwear at the Fair Fashion Parade at Fed Square (Moral Fairground) to new stockists… Yup, a great year indeed! How on earth am I going to top it next year? Any ideas???

Oh and for some last minute Christmas shopping, head on over to my Instagram page (@nanwoo) and Facebook page (nanna woo handmade) to pick up a bargain or two!

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It has been an amazing winter so far on the coast in the little town of Bicheno. I feel like I’ve been hibernating away from adding anything new to my blog. It’s far easier to stick it on Facebook or Instagram! And so, because of that, in the next few weeks you’ll see a little change of format on this page. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere, just reorganising things a bit!

Over the school holidays, Matt and I cleared out downstairs so I now have my own little space to keep/store/work in! It’s very exciting! Though I still find myself gravitating back to the kitchen table as the winter sun is just so damn nice up there!

Also, very exciting news is a few new lovely stockists! Mim Found Ena in Northcote, The Nook in Sandy Bay and the very latest is E for Ethel in my birth town of Adelaide!

A huge thanks for your continued support, I am driven to make every piece special and unique because that’s what you deserve!


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More Resin

I’ve been a busy bee creating for new stockists, tending to my sick kiddies and trying to keep the dishes off the sink… hmmm, can you guess which one gets the least attention? 

I’m not going to write too much, so I’ll just give you some pretty pictures to look at what I’ve been making! The first 3 photos shows the custom made collection for a lovely shop in my old stomping ground of Northcote. It’s a sweet little shop named Mim Found Ena. They are dedicated to handmade, ethical pieces…  ImageImageImage

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New to Nanna!

I’ve been so busy making some delightful new colours that have been requested of late… Some more softer tones that are very popular this Spring has drawn me away from the normal, rich earthy colours I default to!

It’s been a lovely exploration of a new colour palette and I am busting to recreate that deep magenta in our daughters magnolia tree… It’s the first ever bloom since her birth last year and I loved watching it blossom! Sadly, these strong winds we’ve been having have knocked the last of the petals off… I’m glad I got to take a photo of it!

I’ve got some exciting projects on the way!!! Things are busy busy busy for Nanna Woo!!!

These earrings and others can be found in the etsy shop

The “Little Victoria” earring has proved to be amazingly popular with around 30 pairs ordered! Well, no guesses as to what I will be finishing off this weekend!