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Their Turn

Today I am writing about two people in love and celebrating their 10 year anniversary next week. They have a gorgeous little boy together. They asked me to make them white gold wedding bands which were going to be exchanged at their surprise wedding ceremony to be followed by a surprise wedding reception.

Except the government said no. No, two women or two men getting married will not be recognised in Australia. I am not going to enter into a political rant. I just want to share with you the feeling I had when I reread Essie’s blog post about the occasion. I felt saddened and a little bit selfish as I recalled the excitement of choosing my wedding dress, the flowers, the cake, the bush reception and seeing the person I will spend the rest of my life with waiting for me to walk to him. And I got to experience this because I am a she and he is a he. *sigh* Nothing will change that feeling and I am so grateful to have felt that.

Essie and SJ will use these rings to celebrate their 10 year anniversary and I was equally honoured to have made my first ever white gold (or any gold) rings for them. I love looking at her blog, there’s much to learn…. Thank you lovelies!

Essie and SJs white gold bands