nanna woo handmade



What resin do I use? I use Entropy.  Up to 30% of the petrochemical component is being displaced with a natural sap based additive.

How do I obtain the effects in the resin? 6 years of trial and error and loads of experimenting! 

Do I do workshops? No sorry I don’t. Between spending time with my family and searching for the perfect work/life balance I don’t have time for workshops. 

How do I finish the pieces? Smaller pieces like rings and earrings are hand sanded, polished and cleaned. Larger pieces such as the bangles and homewares are sanded on the machine through 4 grits of sandpaper. Either way, it is a process which takes time.

Where do I get my pigments from? There are a variety of suppliers I use. Search “epoxy pigment” and you should find loads of options.

Is the resin food safe? We recommend that incidental food contact is ok and cold foods only. Cutting into the board is to be strongly avoided as is the dishwasher, microwave and other abrasives. 

If there are more questions you have that aren’t answered here, feel free to email me