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I had the pleasure of working with Natalie Mendham a few weeks ago and I’m excited to share the images with you. Our aim was to capture the vast colour range and various effects that Nanna Woo has on offer. The focus was on the Homewares Range which has expanded from a single humble bowl, to dishes, platters and vessels all of varying size. Clocks are also in the prototype phase. Things are all go for Homewares right now!


Homewares – Ocean with candle from Endemic Designs



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I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone for showing their incredible support and love for the METANICAL range over the last year. I am very excited to be expanding this range this year and creating more one of a kind sparkly bespoke gardens for your hands,ears and neck plus some for your home! Each piece has a little story and most have a fragment of nature that we have collected while adventuring with our two glorious kiddies in Bicheno and surrounds! They especially love finding little gum nuts, seed pods and lichen clumps which we harvest thoughtfully… Thank you again! xx

PS: I feel a METANICAL giveaway coming up!

_MG_6298 _MG_6308 _MG_6321

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For those who have been following me on social media would have seen recent photos of the METANICAL Eco Resin pieces. This range of Eco Resin jewellery and bowls is quite possibly my favourite so far and I am starting to get quite attached to them. If you are wondering when you can get your hands on some here’s the latest news…

I will be launching METANICAL through Etsy before they are made available to my awesome lovely stockists. This will give you a chance to view the range before they hit the shops! Prices start @ $55

I am really excited to be putting this range together. Here’s a few pics for you (*please note these are work in progress photos):

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Upcoming Markets

I have been crazy busy preparing some colourful treats for the next 2 markets: the market (Hobart) on July 20th & The Finders Keepers Melbourne just less than a week after that on 25th & 26th July. I’ve added a few new designs to the Painted Patina Range and deepened the colours for winter – don’t worry the bright aquas are still adorning the table! I’ve also been stocking up on my favourite Eco Resin range, madly sanding, buffing, sanding, buffing, losing a few fingerprints along the way…  But amongst all that, getting pretty excited about these markets and I’m looking forward to you popping by and saying hi! See you soon! Hanna x

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“Littoral Senses” Exhibition


Exhibition is currently being held at Limerence, 2/1642 Burwood Highway, Belgrave.  It closes on July 2nd

lit·to·ral [lit-er-uhl]

def: (on ocean shores) of or pertaining to the biogeographic region between the sublittoral zone and the high-water line and sometimes including the supralittoral zone above the high-water line.

Littoral Senses is a collection of textile pieces, inspired by what I look at every day. The unmistakable iconic orange lichen of the east coast of Tasmania is simply breathtaking and an identifiable image.

The artworks capture the other side of the perfect postcard picture.  The moody skies, the fronts rolling in, the sea churning from aqua to dark blue covered in white caps, the smell of salty air capturing the senses.

By choosing wool, silk and natural fibres, I could watch and feel the textures and patterns evolve, creating strength and subtlety, coarseness and lightness in the body of each piece and fragility on the edges reflecting our precious coastline.

Littoral Senses is designed to draw you in, to want to touch each piece. Once you are close enough and your hand is reaching forward, you will realise it is a precious commodity and one to enjoy gazing upon.


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Their Turn

Today I am writing about two people in love and celebrating their 10 year anniversary next week. They have a gorgeous little boy together. They asked me to make them white gold wedding bands which were going to be exchanged at their surprise wedding ceremony to be followed by a surprise wedding reception.

Except the government said no. No, two women or two men getting married will not be recognised in Australia. I am not going to enter into a political rant. I just want to share with you the feeling I had when I reread Essie’s blog post about the occasion. I felt saddened and a little bit selfish as I recalled the excitement of choosing my wedding dress, the flowers, the cake, the bush reception and seeing the person I will spend the rest of my life with waiting for me to walk to him. And I got to experience this because I am a she and he is a he. *sigh* Nothing will change that feeling and I am so grateful to have felt that.

Essie and SJ will use these rings to celebrate their 10 year anniversary and I was equally honoured to have made my first ever white gold (or any gold) rings for them. I love looking at her blog, there’s much to learn…. Thank you lovelies!

Essie and SJs white gold bands

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my ocean obsession

For those who follow me on Facebook or Instagram  you would have noticed my recent creations are predominately blue and aqua influenced… I just can’t help but be inspired by the sea at the moment! With the change of season though, I get to fall back into my comfort zone of earthy rich mustard, indigo, green and red. My favourite time of the year is autumn.  Especially in Tasmania!