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It has been an amazing winter so far on the coast in the little town of Bicheno. I feel like I’ve been hibernating away from adding anything new to my blog. It’s far easier to stick it on Facebook or Instagram! And so, because of that, in the next few weeks you’ll see a little change of format on this page. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere, just reorganising things a bit!

Over the school holidays, Matt and I cleared out downstairs so I now have my own little space to keep/store/work in! It’s very exciting! Though I still find myself gravitating back to the kitchen table as the winter sun is just so damn nice up there!

Also, very exciting news is a few new lovely stockists! Mim Found Ena in Northcote, The Nook in Sandy Bay and the very latest is E for Ethel in my birth town of Adelaide!

A huge thanks for your continued support, I am driven to make every piece special and unique because that’s what you deserve!



One thought on “Winter

  1. I saw your jewels and they are lovely! :0

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