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Mulberry Exhibition

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I just finished my first ever exhibition. It was titled “Mulberry” and each piece had silk cocoons in it. It took me 5 months to complete 13 pieces for the 5 week exhibition and I am just thrilled and humbled with the response I got! I wanted the pieces to be really earthy and organic is shape and texture. I used lots of  wool, silk, cocoons and threads. I took the chance to experiment with different types of materials, all using the wet-felted technique and hand stitching to finish the pieces off and highlight the cocoons.

Thank you to everyone who attended, commented on photos, supported me and bought pieces! Jahn Buhrman is the gallery owner of Waubs Bay, a gallery in Bicheno where the exhibition was held. She has been so supportive and encouraging of my journey into establishing myself as a textile artist. Jahn has even gone as far as to take a sample piece of my work to Melbourne with her to show some galleries. She supports artists in every way she can and really believes in me and has passed on feedback I received throughout the exhibition. FIRST and SNOW are still showing in the gallery.

The next exhibition is in September!

Here is a collection of photos of works. Some are still available for purchase. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested and would like more information…


One thought on “Mulberry Exhibition

  1. It was a fantastic exhibition in a really lovely gallery… what a nice exhibition space, makes for a fabulous collaboration. I really enjoyed my visit and to have a chance to chat to you about your work made it even more special. I’m already looking forward to your visit with us (here in St Marys) later in the year.

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