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It’s been too long!

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Oh dear! Where has the time gone? I just cannot believe tomorrow is March and my last entry was November! How very very slack of me… But I have you all to thank for keeping me so busy… Lots has happened between then and now, including markets, Christmas, devastating bush fires and now floods around our lovely country.

Amongst all the excitement and terror of mother nature and the festive season, I have had lots of opportunity to keep creating. I’ve started making shrink plastic jewellery and it has been a great success and oh so fun!

I am just over a week away from the opening of my exhibition, titled: Mulberry Exhibition which is just a little bit nerve racking combined with little happy dances in between! It is an exhibition of natural fibre, featuring silk cocoons. It has allowed me to make some great textural pieces and wearable art. Coming into winter (I know I know, there’s still autumn to go!!!), it felt right to, well felt! And felt I have been… I am just loving being surrounded by wool, silk, bark and all kinds of natural bits and pieces and have been so inspired! More photos once the exhibition opens next week!

Well enough words and now for some pics!



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