nanna woo handmade

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nostalgia and vintage


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art nouveau meets steampunk

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Best Launceston coffee EVER! Head to 48 George Street:

You will be greeted by Amelia and Florence (her Machine). Together (plus the array of goodies such as orange blossom cake and sinful creamy lemon tarts) they make a delightful coffee…one won’t be enough…I promise! Oh yeah and byo lunch…great idea!



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I have officially decided on what logo to use after Sophie of Willy Walnut (UK) drew a couple for me. HUGE thanks to the very talented Soph for all your help!!!

I was a little stuck as to how to present my business cards so I’ve run with the theme of my cards and made every single one of my business cards unique as well! Yes, it took a little bit of time, but I enjoyed sewing for the afternoon with mum to help me out…

The cards have been printed on recycled cardboard that is used as packing in shipping when I order paper. The backs of the cards are bits left over from card making too! 100% recycled!!! And totally free!!!




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Patchwork Cards

Content in Launceston dubbed my cards as “Patchwork”. I love this, thanks Malinda! This really suits what I am doing and reminds me of my mum, who is an amazing quilter. (